Welcome to Trusley

Trusley (click for a Google map) is a very small village/parish, and conservation area, in Derbyshire, England. We would be a hamlet if we didn't have a church - but we are smaller than most hamlets!

Downtown Trusley has: a church, a Manor, an Old Hall, an Old Rectory, one farm, one renamed farm (now an Airnb opportunity) and five cottages.

There are a few more farms and cottages around the parish but our population is a few dozen, not a few hundred.

We don't have a parish council but we do have the ultimate in democracy - a parish meeting where everyone can participate.

Trusley is a very quiet place, nothing much was happening here at the time of The Doomsday Book after The Great Theft of 1066 - and nothing much is happening now.

If you hanker for night-life, or even a lonely street light as found in the nearby village of Radbourne, then Trusley is not the place for you. The limit of our public facilities is a post box in the wall at Home Farm - what more could we want?

Our area may be quiet and relatively unchanging (which is great!) but it has a fascinating history - from the deserted village of near-by Osleston to the reasons for the erection of the Primitive Methodist chapel at Lane Ends in neighbouring Sutton on the Hill.

Please click the image below for more about our village church.

Please click the image below for a larger photo of Trusley in November, 2018.

The place that time forgot?

One of the great things about England is that there are still so many little places that give the appearance of being forgotten by time - Trusley is one of those places. In the hurly-burly of city life, or while working in "the global village", it is easy to forget what "quiet" really means.

Just because Trusley gives the impression of being stuck somewhere around 1848 belies the truth! Many of us here are all too familiar with the modern world and we make our living in it - from farming to high-tech electronics and software. We are pretty clued up on the world around us and some of us trade internationally - in some cases we do far more business outside the UK than within it!

So, "quiet" certainly - that's one of the things we love about the place, but "behind the times" - never! We are within 15 minutes of Derby and Burton-on-Trent, under an hour to Birmingham, Sheffield and Nottingham, and under 1.5 hours to Stratford on Avon - for the theatre don't you know!

A chance to spend a few days in Trusley!

The Trusley Estate has renovated Ivy Close Farm, renamed it "The Old Court House" and made it available for rent on Airbnb. We have had a look inside and it is bee's knees!

So, you can spend a few days in luxury while stepping back in time in quiet Trusley.

Should you fancy a bit of intellectual stimulation one evening while you are here, and you fancy meeting some "locals", grab a bottle of wine (a Malbec, Shiraz, Rioja or Barolo would be nice - is ascending order of preference!), stroll 100 yards down the lane, pop up the back drive of The Old Rectory (next to the church), knock on the door and ask for a chat. We (Barbara and Mike) may be atheists living in an Old Rectory but we can give you a good discussion on almost anything under the sun - especially those things one is not supposed to talk about in polite company - like politics, religion or social history! We're not scary (honest!), we just love a chat - and a freeby glass of decent plonk!

Trusley has entered the modern world!

Unfortunately the upgrading of our nearest BT landline cabinet at Sutton on the Hill made no difference to us because we are too far from it.

However, in January 2017 Trusley went from under 0.6Mbps via landline to over 30Mbps via wireless data - using a router containing an EE 4G WiFi mobile SIM and an antenna in the roof.

EE systems have been provided by NotSpot, a Derbyshire company.

Autumn 2018: fibre to the pole update!

In November 2017 two very nice men with a cherry picker strung fibre along the poles all the way from the Sutton cabinet to the village. Coils of fibre have been hovering on poles ever since.

In April 2018, two different very nice men checked the BT ducting running the final 100 yards to Taylor's Lane. They worked hard for two days, dug holes and put in a new underground box next to the pole on Taylor's Lane corner.

In August 2018, two more men hunted down the ducting leading all the way to Gardner's Cottage.

In October 2018, two more men arrived, said "it was done wrong", removed the coils from the pole and buried them (allegedly)!

So, eight men and at least 6 working days later, we have fibre to the pole (we think) and F(a)TTP - Fibre (almost) To The Premises! Whoopee!

We are still waiting to be told why the fibre is there and how we get connected. The current EE system has proved very reliable so any alternative will have to be as good, as fast and less expensive!

A quick check on the BT web site showed "Great News" - but it does not look hopeful. We could be wrong and this could be based on the fibre as far as Sutton on the Hill.

Eateries close by

We don't have a village pub or eatery but there are lots within easy reach of a pleasant cross-country drive.

Your can find full details of each one by Googling for them.

  • The Cow, Lees. Used to be "The Black Cow". Gone up market from being a pub.
  • The Horsehoes, Long Lane Village. Use to be "The Three Horseshoe". Similar to The Cow.
  • The Cock Inn, Mugginton. Similar to The Cow.
  • The Bluebell, Kirk Langley. Being done up by the people who have The Cow.
  • The Red Lion, Hollington. Simple pub grub, good beer, not posh! Proper pub.
  • The Ostrich, Longford. Not been for ages. Rural pub.
  • The Great Northern, Mickleover. Decent food.
  • The Boot, Repton. Excellent food, excellent beer, nice place - not cheap! Good for a "special" evening out.
  • The Bulls Head, Repton. Good - tends to serve food on slates!
  • The Wheel Inn, Ticknall. Very good. Nice village. Close to NT Calke Abbey.
  • The Dog & Partridge, Marchington. Very good.
  • The Roebuck, Draycott in the Clay. Very good.
  • Holly Bush Inn, Church Broughton. Simple pub grub, good beer, not posh!
  • Seven Wells, Etwall. Standard "chain" food - decent steaks.
  • Saracens Head, Shirley. Excellent.
  • The Crown inn, Marston Montgomery. Not been for ages. Was very good.
  • The Light House, Boylestone. Open Wednesday to Saturday. Good food - not cheap.
  • Jinnie Inn, Rolleston-on-Dove. Very good.
  • Dog & Partridge, Tutbury. Carvery. Not been for ages.

Recommended reading

We recommend "Along Long Lane" by Don Farnsworth if you live in this area and you would like to find out more.

You may be able to get a copy from a local bookshop or the library.

We are happy to lend a copy if you live locally and you are prepared to pick it up and bring it back.

Please contact us if you would like to borrow a copy.