Sources and links

A good socialist is in favour of a "free press" owned and operated by UK citizens living in the UK and paying tax in the UK. That rules out the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sun, Times, etc.

A good socialist soon learns to be sceptical of sources operated by those in support of "the establishment".


Is the BBC a neutral source of information? Answer: "no".

Does it really balance two sides of an argument? Answer: "no".

Can you trust journalists and presenters who are freelancers with personal companies set up explicitly to avoid tax?

Why is the right so unfairly represented on Question Time compared with the left?

Why do people who represent no one (Alistair Campbell etc.) get air time?

Why do those with extreme views get air time?

Why does Farage pop up so often?

The Guardian

Is the Guardian a "left" newspaper? Answer: "no". It is a liberal establishment newspaper.

Does it provide positive suggestions for improving society and reducing unfairness? Answer: "no". Polly Toynbee could moan for England at the Olympics.

All too often you get to the end of a Guardian article and your response is "... and ...?" As in, "... and what specific policy do you want to adopt, how, specifically, are you going to do something about it?" Lots of comments, moaning and Cassandras and nothing specific to offer - the liberal dilemma.

Its heart was with Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry and "The Independent Group" - as it was with the SDP in the olden days. Chuka Umunna follows the trail blazed by Blair - he made sure he had a £65,000 a year job as Chair of the Advisory Board for the "Progressive Centre UK" before diving into political obscurity. Right wing and "progressive" think tanks are the benefits safety net for those whose lack of policy achieves nothing.

The Guardian is the Tom Watson of newspapers - happy to attack socialists and Jeremy Corbynb using whatever stick it can lay its hands on.

All good socialists should "follow the money" when examining anything, especially think tanks and MPs' sub-groups - who is paying for it and who gains from it - the Guardian singularly fails to do this. Tom Watson's register of interests is worth reading - especially about those in section 2 who have funded him.

To give credit where it is due, it has done some good journalism, the revelations in the Panama Papers, HSBC files etc.

Channel 4 News

Probably the best of the Main Stream Media (MSM).

Like many of us, Jon Snow is slowing down a bit (sorry Jon, I am a fan!) but Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Cathy Newman, on a good day, are brilliant. Lindsey Hillsum is also great but even she sometimes gets the wool pulled over her eyes (Venezuala for example.)

Alternative sources

  • Craig Murray: very passionate about Scottish independence but he has a wealth of background knowledge that puts many topics in perspective and he raises questions not raised elsewhere.
  • Another Angry Voice: very passionately written, very analytical and, as it says, very angry!
  • The Skwawkbox: good source of up to date information particularly about the Labour Party and MPs.
  • The Canary: an on-line left-wing newspaper. Quite a lot of adverts.
  • The Morning Star: the only left-wing print newspaper - also available on-line.