The Grey Haired Socialist doesn't use social media because it frequently ends up with a slanging match.

MPs and CLPs who open their social media accounts for comment are naive - or deliberately courting controversy.

I am happy to respond to polite emails and I am happy to consider suggestions and even articles from others.

Please let me know if you spot typos or anything that needs correction.

Who is TGHS?

  • Rural background.
  • Father a clerk, mother a factory cleaner, lived on a farm then in a Council House.
  • Degree in Psychology.
  • Worked in Rolls Royce Computer Department for about five years.
  • PGCE at Bishop Lonsdale College, Derby.
  • Taught in a primary school for six years.
  • NUT representative for school.
  • Became a cadre in the International Socialists.
  • Active in anti-racism work in Derby against the National Front.
  • Always considered the Labour Party a neo-liberal party, not a socialist one.
  • Developed one of the world's first microcomputer word processors.
  • Set up a small software company.
  • Retired in early 50s.
  • Set up another company.
  • Trying to retire again.
  • Joined the Labour Party just before Jeremy Corbyn became leader.
  • Now a member of South Derbyshire Constituency Labour Party, North West Branch.
  • Self identifies as: socialist, businessperson, atheist, republican.

Advice to newcomers

  • Do you believe that any other party stands a chance of forming a government to make our society fairer and more equitable?
  • Do you believe that a bunch of self-serving old Etonians, old Harrovians and public school children are going to do anything for you? Empathy obviously deserted them after being sent away from parents and family at a tender young age - maybe we should feel sorry for them - time to "hug a Tory" and put some love back into their lives?

    The old Etonian arrogance of Jacob Rees-Mogg is perfectly demonstrated by his response to the parliamentary debate on 06/09/2019:

  • Join a trade union if you are in employment and on PAYE.
  • Stop moaning, join the Labour Party, do something.