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Land Value Tax roadshow

Land Value Tax: simple, fair, easy to collect and impossible to avoid - the perfect redistributive tax!

In over 40 years as a socialist I have never met anything (short of revolution) that can bring about radical change in the way that Land Value Tax (LVT) can.

It is on page 86 of the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto so all members should be clued up about it.

It is so simple, and so powerful, that I get really annoyed when people screw it up - as Ed Milliband did when faced with the "widow of a fallen hero living in a large house" objection. I assume he was badly briefed.

It is equally annoying when members can't respond to the accusation (from the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Express) that LVT is a "garden tax". Of course it isn't a garden tax! Duhh!

The Labour Land Campaign has been promoting Land Value Tax since 1983 but only under Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell has it become a live topic.

An offer

Within a two hour drive of Derby I will cover the cost of the venue (you find it, I pay for it), and provide the introduction to a discussion, for any group of more than 20 people. Free, gratis, for nothing, not even travelling expenses!

I will consider smaller groups but you will have to provide the venue.

I will consider longer distances for larger groups.

Contact me if you can get a group together and you would like to be clued up on LVT.

if you can't wait, or if you want to be prepared for when I turn up, please read the LVT page on this web site and follow the links it provides.