The role of women

Some other questions about the role of women under Hippoism are answered on the FAQ page.

Women as second class beings

The Pink Hippo placed women on Earth to be the servants of men and the bearers of future generations.

There is nothing in The Holy Books of Hippoism that can be interpreted as meaning that The Pink Hippo meant women to have equal status to men - so they don't.

Women as dangerous lustful beasts and tempters of men

Women are by their very nature a temptation to men.

It is self-evidently unreasonably to expect men to control their lusts - after all, without lusts we would have no future generations.

It therefore follows that while women should always be at the service of men, they should step aside when men are engaged on the more important things in life such as discussing The Pink Hippo.

Women should follow the dress code defined for them

Women should be kept in their place

Women should not get ideas above their subordinate station in life.

If a woman dares to challenge any man she shall be taken to a place of solitude and there left for 5 days on a diet of mushrooms and water to learn the error of her ways.

Women shall have no part in the worship of The Pink Hippo. Their duty is to obey men and no woman shall ever be placed in a position of authority over men.