Hippoist merchandise

Holy books

Both "The Holy Book of The Pink Hippo" and "Revelations of The Pink Hippo" are currently under interpretation by the 27th Council of Ripley.

The Council has been meeting since 2003 and expects to complete its deliberations by 2033 when new versions of both books will be published.

The key teachings of Hippoism are covered on this web site - particularly on the page concerned with our holy books.

An incentive to evangelise

We are currently offering a free Pink Hippo lapel badge to those willing to evangelise on behalf of Hippoism.

To claim you badge simply send us an email with your name and address. Your email should contain this statement:

"I promise to do my best to spread the goods news of The Pink Hippo and to make Hippoism the very core of my being."

Other items

Very shortly we will be shipping a wide variety of Hippoist merchandise, including: