Hippoism, science and evolution

Many non-believers feel that science and evolution pose a threat to religious beliefs.

They could not be more wrong - we welcome and support much of the work of scientists such as Richard Dawkins.

The Interpretist Church of The Pink Hippo embraces both science and evolution and considers neither to be any barrier to our religion.

We welcome comments from atheists and agnostics

We know that many atheists will be surprised by what follows. We will be happy to add their email comments to this page - see below.

Let's deal with the fundamentalists first

Less than 10% of Hippoists world-wide are members of the Literalist Church.

Literalists believe in the literal truth of The Book of The Pink Hippo and they are still searching for the words of The Pink Hippo as written in the rocks of the earth when She created the Universe just over 6,000 years ago,

The majority of us see Literalists as dangerous, fundamentalist fanatics and we do not share their beliefs about creation.

The Interpretist view on creation and evolution

The Book of The Pink Hippo was a book of its time - it was written when mankind had no understanding of the Universe and lived in fear of the apparent randomness of the natural world.

Just as the words of The Messenger in The Revealed Truth re-interpret the words of The Pink Hippo for the benefit of all in society (for example, The Hardlitudes), so members of the Interpretist church see no conflict between science and religion.


The Universe was created billions of years ago by The Pink Hippo - and, over time, has evolved into what we see around us today.

Mankind was not created when the Universe was created, nor was the Earth. At the time of creation The Pink Hippo concentrated all matter of the Universe into a singularity which existed without time until the Big Bang.

In a few fractions of a second after the Big Bang the major elements that make up the Universe came into existence and the particles that formed began to move away from the point of creation until gravity caused many of them to coalesce into stars and later galaxies. During the creation of stars some of the particles formed planets - one of which is Earth.

Hippoists have no argument with cosmologists on this point - in fact we are happy to sponsor many of the leading researchers in cosmology, astronomy and theoretical physics - and we have contributed significantly to the costs of the new particle accelerator being built at CERN on the French/Swiss border. We are as enthusiastic as anyone else in finding out what happened when the Universe began.


Thanks to the work of Charles Darwin and other pioneers of geology and evolution, we now understand how the Earth has changed over time and how plants and animals have gradually evolved into their current state.

The process of natural selection applies to all living things on Earth - and probably on other planets that may support life.

Who is Richard Dawkins trying to address?

Certainly not us - nor any others with modern religious beliefs. We are puzzled, and a little amused, by those atheists, agnostics and secularists who pin so much hope on scientists such as Richard Dawkins.

As explained above, we see no conflict between religion and science and we enthusiastically support the work of biologists who continue to expand on the work started by Darwin and others.

Simply because we believe that The Pink Hippo created the Universe at the very beginning, does not put us in conflict with Dawkins or any other scientist in explaining how we got from the point of creation to where we are now.

We can understand why Dawkins and others would address themselves to the tiny minority of Literalist Hippoists, and the similar minorities in other religions, but he must surely realise that the religion/no-religion argument is in no way dependent on arguments about science!

Do atheists really think that science and evolution are arguments against religion?

We credit atheists with more intelligence than this since there is nothing in science that negates belief in The Pink Hippo as the ultimate Creator.

Science provides a set of tools, a method and theories to examine the Universe and to understand how things become as they are.

Evolution has allowed us to follow our own history back in time to the point where life originally began at the micro-biological level.

Neither science nor evolution can answer the fundamental question addressed by religion - why did the Universe come into existence?

The answer, of course, was because it was created by The Pink Hippo - from that point on, science can help to provide the explanation as to how we got from the Big Bang to where we are today.

Why did The Pink Hippo create the Universe?

We could argue that this is a meaningless question because "why" implies "motive" which itself implies "mind" - what was in someone's mind when something was done?

It is not for us to look into the "mind" of The Pink Hippo - indeed, since The Pink Hippo is supernatural, and certainly not human, it is nonsense to ascribe to Her such human attributes as "mind" and "thought".

Other religions have traditionally claimed that their gods created the Universe because they wanted to be worshipped.

Hippoists have always considered this to be very arrogant on behalf of other gods - the desire to be worshipped reflects a basic insecurity which verges on the psychotic!

Our answer is a scientific one. The Pink Hippo created the Universe because She was curious - She wanted to see what would happen.

The nonsense of "free will" and the problem of evil

Unlike all other religions, Hippoism has no problem with these.

It follows from the fact that The Pink Hippo created the Universe out of curiosity, that She does not interfere with the process of evolution nor with the natural world.

A tsunami off the coast of Indonesia, mud slides in Central America or the sinking of a ferry boat with the loss of all on board, can all be explained by science. None of them reflect on the attitude of The Pink Hippo to humanity - She has no such attitude - neither favourable nor unfavourable - She is merely an impartial observer as Her experiment continues.

The concept of "evil" is not a problem - mankind has become what it is because of evolution. Evolution does not seek perfection - it merely seeks ways for a species to continue itself and perhaps to benefit through the gradual changes, and possible mutations, of natural selection. Evolution makes no judgements about "good" and "evil" - those judgements are made by mankind as it develops the necessary rules for living in society.

The Pink Hippo makes no judgements - She continues to observe.

Comments received from atheists

GJ writes:

"The universe is by definition everything that exists. It follows that there can be nothing existing outside of or before the universe. No space. No time. No gods. Nothing. The concepts of "outside" and "before" have no meaning in relation to the universe, only to regions within the universe

To talk about the universe "coming into existence" implies that it came from something. But there could be nothing for it to come from, since there is nothing else. The universe just IS. It has no need of a creator. The origin of time is a point of singularity within the universe. At that point time ceases to have meaning."

Editorial comment:

This is playing with words - we do not accept this definition of the Universe. The Universe is everything that was brought into existence by the Pink Hippo - who has forever been and will forever be. Being above and beyond the Universe as we know it The Pink Hippo requires no cause.

C writes:

It couldn't avoid happening, no more than a photon can avoid coming into existence when a light is switched on. We can know nothing about the preceding state prior to the big bang. (Clue: it wasn't a bearded nice old man.)

The page says: "Evolution does not seek perfection - it merely seeks ways for a species to continue itself and perhaps to benefit through the gradual changes."

Kindly replace "species" with "gene" otherwise you will upset Dawkins!"

According to Dawkins, hippos came into existence 75 million years ago during the cretaceous period! I now see this as a second coming, when The Pink One sent a baby hippo to earth to forewarn of an impending meteor impact that wiped out most of life on earth. This came about because they were all fornicators and this did not please His Pinkness."

"But seriously, if you can account for our complexity, where's the argument?"

Editorial comment:

This does not answer the fundamental question about the origin of the Universe itself - as created by The Pink Hippo.