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Why are you so irreverent about religion?

We are sick and tired of being asked this question.

Followers of The Pink Hippo have been persecuted since the day The Messenger first appeared outside the farm church in Osleston - the day he was almost burnt at the stake by local Christians.

Today we are persecuted in a new way. Those of other religions, and those of none, accuse us of being flippant, irreverent and disrespectful of "the concept of religion".

What arrant nonsense!

How can one be disrespectful of a concept? A concept is an idea, or, in the case of a religion, a set of ideas expressed as an ideology which must always be open to question. Part of questioning is the ability take an ideology apart, step by step, and expose it for the total nonsense that it may be - and one of the best ways to do that is through humour and satire.

Start with the facts:

  • Religions are designed to answer the question: "where did we come from?" Hippoism provides the answer.
  • Religions are designed to answer the question: "what happens when I die?" Hippoism provides the answer.
  • All religions (except Hippoism) are based on fairy stories - call them "myth" or "folklore" - but they are fairy stories.
  • Most children cease to believe in Santa Clause after the age of 3 or 4.
  • Most adults teach children that fairy stories are just that - stories made up to amuse/frighten people - or maybe to make a moral point.
  • All religions indoctrinate children by telling them that the fairy stories of religion are "true".
  • Some religions accentuate the negative and frightening aspects of their fairy stories - to frighten children into belief and obedience.
  • Gods (other than The Pink Hippo) are the creation of man's imagination.
  • Holy books (other than those relating to The Pink Hippo) are the creation of men - they were made up by men, edited by men (to ensure that they follow the party line) and taught as "truth" by men.

Atheists, Ahippoists and Secularists may think:

  • that they can stand on their own two feet,
  • that they can think for themselves,
  • that they get by without religions, organised churches and male priestly hierarchies telling them what to think and do,
  • that moral values and responsibilities do not require religions,
  • that they have the right to be freethinkers: to think logically and rationally,
  • that they should question, erect and test theories and look for empirical evidence.

They seem to be proud of the fact that they can say "we don't know the answer to that, but we will carry on searching and questioning."

They will all rot in hell.

Compare and contrast

We urge you to compare the story of The Pink Hippo, and the teachings of The Messenger, with those of all other religions.

One obvious fact will leap straight out at you - our beliefs are right and all other beliefs are wrong.

This is you first step along the road to truth and enlightenment.

Once you accept The Pink Hippo into your heart you will understand that all other religions are silly, childish, supernatural, superstitious, unsubstantiated twaddle - the sort of things even children can see through (unless they are indoctrinated from an early age.)

  • The Pink Hippo stands superior to any creator god.
  • "The Holy Book of The Pink Hippo" may be short but its principles stand above those in any holy book: Bible. Qur'an or Torah.
  • If you reject The Pink Hippo you must, for the same logical reasons, reject all gods and holy books.

Take the blinkers from you eyes, study what lies behind The Pink Hippo and reject all other religions for the murderous evil they have caused in the world - and which they continue to cause today.

Wear your Pink Hippo badge with pride - a slap in the face for the nonsense taught by other religions.