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This site is concerned with the the future policy of the Labour Party.

Note: this is not a CLP web site but contributions have come from members in South Derbyshire.

What should be done?

We must:

  • be specific about what will be done - see the proposals below,
  • make it clear where the money will come from - taxation is the only source of government income,

    Not quite true. Governments can borrow - but that gets paid back out of future tax income. Governments can print money - that tends to devalue the currency - like "Quantative Easing" which translates as: "helping your chums by stuffing money up their jumpers to avoid them going broke."

  • be conscious that we are spending taxpayers' money - we have a duty to do so efficiently, economically and fairly.

Where does taxpayers' money go?

Specific action plans

Note: these proposals are not official Labour Party policy - but they should be.


  • Abolish Council Tax.
  • Introduce Land Value Tax (LVT) and abolish all other property taxes - see separate page.
  • Abolish "Non Domicile Status" to prevent it being used to avoid paying UK tax.
  • Abolish dual citizenship to prevent it being used to avoid paying UK tax.
  • Abolish tax avoidance associated with cross border licensing and management charges.
  • Ensure all personal and corporate income generated in the UK is taxed in the UK.
  • Ensure UK citizens pay UK taxes on all income - with allowances to prevent double taxation.
  • Abolish Inheritance Tax.

    Income Tax is sufficient to collect taxes on unearned income.

  • Abolish Trusts.

    Currently there is a UK Trust Register but no public access partly because tax havens object on the grounds that it potentially has "risks for the individual rights to privacy and data protection."

    If we can provide public access to company data (with named directors and, to a limited extent, named shareholders), charity data (with named trustees) and Land Registry data (with named sellers and buyers), why can't we provide similar access to trust data?

  • Introduce the concept of "Clearly Defined Human Ownership" into English law.

    This concept, known as "patrimony", where ownership cannot be hidden behind a "thing" like a trust or a company, has always been part of the Naploeonic code followed by most European countries.

    Napoleon had some good ideas, until the idea of establishing his own dynasty and setting off for Moscow got the better of him!

  • Introduce a 100% tax on assets held in tax havens including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Monaco.

    Obviously people will be given a reasonable amount of time (six months?) to repatriate, and pay tax on, assets held in tax havens before the 100% tax becomes due.

    Anyone who doesn't like it is free to settle their tax affairs with HMRC, give up their UK passport and citizenship, leave the country and take up citizenship in any other country that will have them .

  • Introduce a transaction tax on financial trading (shares, currency etc.) to discourage gambling and to encourage long-term share holding.
  • Review financial trading, financial derivatives, hedge funds, shorting etc. - including any activities that contributed to the financial collapse of 2008.
  • HMRC to act against bogus self-employment used by employers to avoid employment legislation and by employees to avoid tax.


  • Consider replacing the benefits system with a Citizen's Income/Universal Basic Income. We prefer Citizen's Income because it would be available to UK citizens only.
  • Follow the lead of other EU countries in qualifying the right to benefits for those coming from outside the UK.


  • Enable Local Authorities to borrow to build social housing for rent.
  • Abolish taxpayer funded subsidies that distort the housing market - e.g. Right to Buy and Help to Buy.
  • End Buy to Let mortgages.
  • Land Value Tax (LVT) will go a long way to resolving problems and distortions in the housing market.


  • Bring all taxpayer funded schools under local authority control.
  • End SATs and the top-down control of education. Allow teachers to teach.
  • Introduce a vocation-based education option alongside the academic option in schools.
  • End the obsession with "University" education by balancing tertiary education between the academic and the vocational.
  • Gradually reintroduce means-tested grants to replace student loans.
  • Close all non-registered schools.
  • Inspect all religious schools to ensure they enable children to make a free and informed choice about what to believe.
  • Treat private schools are businesses - they should not be charities and should be subject to VAT like any other business.

Business, economy, trade

  • Make transparency a top priority in all financial matters including an automatic trail to ultimate human ownership.
  • Provide free online digital and searchable access to company details (including shareholders), charity details, Trust Registry, Land Registry, etc.
  • Review company and employment law, particularly coporate governance and the rights of trade unions.
  • Ensure that employers of over 20 workers offer them the right to join a trade union.
  • Establish a Citizens' Bank taking deposits from UK tax payers and providing loans to UK citizens and UK companies.
  • Provide share capital (not grants or subsidies) to companies to assist R&D.
  • Recognise that subsidising employment is a last resort, it cannot be the basis of a vibrant economy.

    If you subsidise one company to make widgets, you kill the market for other widget manufacturers and you sometimes end up making widgets that are of no positive benefit of society.

  • Redefine "employed" as meaning "at least 20 hours paid work per week".

    At the moment it is >1 hour per week! Part time is <35 hours a week, full time is >35 hours per week.

Rural areas

  • recognise that those in rural areas have different views of the world and different needs
  • ensure the needs of rural areas are taken into account in all government policy ("rural proofing")
  • scrap the unfair Council Tax and implement Land Value Tax (LVT)
  • ensure police forces are funded to handle the special needs of country areas
  • meet the special needs of social care and health care in the countryside
  • support small-scale enterprise and manufacturing to keep jobs in the countryside
  • restore local post offices each containing a branch of the Citizens' Bank
  • provide place-based investment from a Citizens' Bank
  • provide technical education to help build rural businesses
  • ensure that high speed broadband reaches all rural locations
  • restore rural bus routes lost since 2010 - fund local authorities to provide rural bus services
  • review the effects of the Beeching cuts to rural train services
  • involve local communities more in planning and development
  • produce a clear national definition of what is meant by "affordable housing" and "affordable rent"
  • enable local authorities to borrow to build social and affordable housing in rural areas
  • end the fiddles and exemptions used to avoid the provision of affordable housing in small rural developments
  • support small-scale development on disused plots of land
  • ensure building style fits local environments - no "one type fits all" development - no rabbit hutches
  • allow local authorities to impose an additional local LVT on second homes, holiday lets and Airbnb rentals
  • ensure that high quality food supply remains top priority for government
  • support those who work in the countryside, rather than for those who live off the work of others
  • end taxpayer subsidies based on land area alone
  • direct any taxpayer subsidies to those farmers who need them, not to those with most wealth
  • support small-scale, environment-friendly, sustainable farming - including marginal farming
  • support the development of technology so British farmers are competitive in a world market
  • ensure supermarkets promote British food and treat farmers fairly
  • develop a 25 year plan for the recovery of nature: wildlife, field patterns, hedgerows, woodland etc.
  • support farmers and landowners when they provide "public goods" including access
  • promote agricultural apprenticeships to improve skills


  • Improve the efficiency of the police by implementing the restructuring proposed in the "Closing The Gap" report of 2005.
  • Cut the cost of prisons by reforming sentencing policy (currently dictated by the mass media and knee-jerk responses from politicians).
  • Reduce costly recidivism by providing proper councilling, education, skills and job opportunities.
  • Enter into public consultation about the legalisation and control of drugs.
  • Return to "fair justice for all" by implementing legal aid as introduced in 1949 - with obvious constraints to prevent misuse.
  • Abolish all "three strikes" legislation and return to prosecuting and sentencing based on the current crime and the current evidence.
  • End IPP sentencing - all prisoners should know the length of their sentence or rehabilitation is a waste of taxpayers' money.
  • Introduce "best practice" into prison so prisons with poor records can learn from the best.
  • Enable prison IMBs to bring matters to concern to the public attention.
  • Return all probation work to the National Probation Service.


  • Promote a fair and free press by insisting that UK media is owned by UK citizens resident in the UK for tax purposes.

    Too often our press is owned by foreigners, those who claim residence outside the UK and those who do not pay tax here.

    How dare they tell us how to run our country while they avoid their social responsibilities!


  • Relocate parliament to Leeds.

    "The Palace Of Westminster" is crumbling so selling it for development as apartments and building a new 21st century parliament outside London would give us a chance for a fresh start.

    Relocating parliament would go a long way towards redressing the balance between the South East and the rest of the UK.


  • Bring all natural monopolies into public ownership: water, electricity, gas, communications infrastructure, transport infrastructure.

    Competition can be a good thing but it has to be genuine, free-market, no holds barred, competition - no grants, no subsidies.

    You can't get Scottish water out of a Derbyshire tap!

  • Cancel HS2.


  • Recognise the true scale of our place in the world and work alongside our European allies for a common European defence force.
  • End the production and deployment of weapons of mass destruction.