Welcome to DASH

We are DASH: Derbyshire Atheists, Secularists and Humanists.

  • As atheists we see no need for the god idea and no evidence for it.
  • As secularists we campaign for a state free of religious privileges.
  • As humanists we try to lead happy, fulfilled and responsible lives.

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We provide a voice in Derbyshire for those with no need of god or religion.

We promote the right of everyone to make a free and informed choice about what to believe.

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Food for thought

These figures are taken from the British Social Attitudes Survey, 2018 as reported in The Guardian in July, 2019.

Only 1% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 identify as Church of England. (26 Church of England bishops sit in the House of Lords - why?)

52% of the UK population say they do not belong to any religion. (One third of all primary schools in Derbyshire are religious - why?)

The non-religious are increasingly atheist. One in four members of the public stated: "I do not believe in God," compared with one in 10 in 1998. (Atheist teachers find it hard to get jobs in one third of Derbyshire primary schools - why?)

Religious decline in Britain is generational; people tend to be less religious than their parents, and on average their children are even less religious than they are.

Religion is strongest amongst recent immigrants - why?

Don't get us wrong

We recognise that:

  • people should be free to believe whatever they wish - with certain conditions - see below.
  • good things are done by many religious people - as they are by many non-religious people,
  • there are good and bad atheists just as there are good and bad religious people,
  • many people are still "searching" for "the meaning of life",
  • religious institutions don't necessarily reflect the personal beliefs of religious people,
  • many people believe in "something out there" even if they don't define themselves as "religious",
  • most people haven't thought about it much.

We have thought about it a lot, we are very well informed, we no longer feel the need to "search" (some of us never felt the need) and we are happy to share what we have found out, and what we believe, with anyone.

Freedom of belief

All freedoms are constrained in one way or another, that's why societies have rules to help us live harmoniously together. Our constraints are:

  • Cause no harm.
  • Don't call for harm to be caused.
  • Don't discriminate based on skin colour, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability.

    We have left "religion or belief" out of this list because the law allows religions to discriminate. For example, atheists find it hard to get jobs in religious schools which make up over one third of all schools in the UK.

  • Don't force your beliefs onto others, particularly children - allow them to make a free and informed choice.
  • Allow people the freedom to change their beliefs.
  • Support the Liberal Tradition of freedom of belief, thought and speech.
  • Don't expect not to be offended - none of us has the right not to be offended.
  • Don't expect "respect" for your beliefs - after all, there are many beliefs (fascism, white supremacy, etc.) that don't deserve respect.

This is covered in more depth in our article on "Moral values - good without god".