Exchanging thoughts with China

The world would be a happier place if ordinary people from different countries exchanging thoughts and ideas instead of leaving the world to be run by large corporations, politicians and those who make money from conflict.

This page is maintained by Mike at The Old Rectory.

Even though retired, I still engage in projects with colleagues - and some eventually reach the market as products!

In September 2021 one of our projects required an enclosure machined from aluminium. We visited local companies within half an hour of Trusley for quotes but the prices seemed very high. I posted a Request For Quote (RFQ) on the Alibaba web site and within hours I received half a dozen quotations which I followed up with due diligence.

Eventually I placed an order with Huizhou Kamikawa Precision near Huizhou on the Dong Jiang (Dong River) in Guangdong province - inland from Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The parts they produced are excellent.

During our emails over business, Weixiang, my contact at Kamikawa, and I swapped some basic information about one another. Like me, he comes from a rural background, like me, he was the first in his family to go to university and, like me, he left the countryside for work.

At the start of February 2022 Weixiang travelled over 1,000km to his home village to be with his family and friends for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Weixiang was kind enough to take some photos of the area round his village and he provided the brief description shown under each photo. He also told me that many of the local fields are now unused and neglected because so many young people have left the countryside to work in big cities.

Please click here to see photos taken at Trusley on the same day.

The new house in the countryside.

Everyone puts up banners for New Year.

Countryside close by.

Terracing close by.

The local fish pond which yields over 500 fish every year.

Monasteries in Medieval England had similar fish ponds.

Vegetables grown by Weixiang's parents.

More vegetables.

This is Huizhou where Weixiang works - over 1,000km from his home village.