Options and accessories

SmartAngle works straight out of the box.

There is an opportunity to provide accessories that make SmartAngle even more flexible.

Longer measuring base

Despite its small size, SmartAngle is very accurate. For those who want a longer levelling base SmartAngle could be fitted to an aluminium extrusion of any length.

SmartAngle is held in place magnetically and can be pushed out for stand-alone use.

Prototype SmartAngle in a simple aluminium extrusion:

Protective tin

Everyone likes little tins!

SmartAngle is robust as well as being dust and splash proof.

A custom tin is a really attractive option, especially with an embossed lid, because it will protect SmartAngle in a toolbox.

Prototype SmartAngle in a rectangular tin box:

Pipe clips

Heating pipes are usually copper or plastic so levels cannot fit to them magnetically - they have to be held in place.

Simple magnetic adaptor clips fit SmartAngle horizontally or vertically to 22mm or 28mm pipes.

Specialist use

Clay pigeon shooters must to be able to mount their shotgun without thinking - they need to focus 100% of their attention on the target.

Wordcraft International, manufacturers of the DryFire shooting simulator, found that most shooters, when asked to mount their gun horizontally in front of them, were unable to do so - they were frequently out by up to 10 degrees!

Bubble levels and inclinometers are too clumsy to mount to a shotgun barrel - and would get in the way of the shooter's aim.

A simple moulded clip now holds SmartAngle magnetically to one side of the barrel and the shooter receives feedback through SmartAngle's LEDs and the beep when it is level.