Our experience is in manufacturing products for specialist low volume markets - we do not have the resources required to reach a high volume worldwide market for SmartAngle.


Note: the photo shows:

  • prototypes with 3D printed enclosures. Production units would be injection moulded ABS in any colour and with any graphics.
  • a button for operation. Production units would use a membrane keypad with brand name and graphics.
  • LEDs protruding through the front. Production units would use surface mounted LEDs on the PCB and transparent light pipes in the front.

There are three sub-assemblies when manufacturing SmartAngle:

  • The PCB.

    This can be provided, fully assembled, programmed and tested, by almost any electronics assembly company. Manufacturers do not require in-house electronics production.

  • The enclosure.

    ABS injection moulded front and back plus spacers, magnets and screws.

  • Front panel.

    This is a stick-on membrane pad with graphics, operating button and transparent windows for LEDs.

Current status

Prototypes have been developed and tested.

We can provide:

  • All files necessary for PCB production. (Schematic, BOM and Gerber files.)
  • Software for programming and testing.
  • CAD files for the injection moulding the front and back.
  • CAD files for the membrane keypad.
  • Sample prototypes.


The photo shows a small batch of unbranded prototype SmartAngles.

Manufacturing costs

Please contact us for a costed BOM including:

  • Injection moulding - tooling.
  • Injection moulding - enclosure front and back.
  • Assembled, programmed and tested PCB.
  • Membrane keypad.
  • Packaging.
  • Final assembly, calibration and packing.

Colour, brand and graphics

The body of SmartAngle can be any colour and the front-panel graphics can be of any design.

Going digital

Most tool manufacturers and distributors have some experience with digital products - every power tool contains digital circuitry and digital devices are widely used in the construction industry.

"Digital" mean electronics and software along with the hardware it controls: motors, switches, sensors, speakers, displays, LEDs, lasers, buttons etc. SmartAngle is digital: it contains a microprocessor, software, accelerometer, LEDs, button, speaker, battery, charging circuit and associated components.

There are several ways for manufacturers and distributors to introduce digital products into their line:

  • Buy-in and brand existing off-the-shelf products.
  • Employ people with digital skills.
  • Use consultants when digital skills are required.
  • Use a turnkey manufacturing partner.

Turnkey manufacture

For companies without in-house manufacturing resources there are many electronics companies in Europe, China and elsewhere who offer turnkey manufacture.

They handle everything from component sourcing to final assembly and packaging. They can ship batches of products anywhere in the world ready for distribution and sale.

We can provide everything that such companies require to produce an initial sample batch and then volume production.

After all, Apple does not own factories, nor does it manufacturer its own products - they are made in China, India, Vietnam and elsewhere under turnkey contracts.