SmartAngle manufacturing and distribution

We are looking for a company to manufacture and distribute SmartAngle for a worldwide market.

SmartAngle can reach a wide market - anywhere that requires quick and easy levelling.

SmartAngle can also reach specialist markets - such as:

SmartAngle is the simplest way to see, and hear, if something is level.

Note: the video shows unbranded SmartAngle prototypes without the membrane keypad.


  • is a totally new type of level,
  • is faster than a bubble level and much simpler than a digital level or inclinometer,
  • answers a simple question:

       "is it level?"


       "if it's green, it's level!"


       "if it beeps, it's level!"

    You don't need to to see SmartAngle to know something is level - you can hear it!

  • flashes, and beeps, at an increasing rate as level is approached,
  • indicates which end must be raised to make a surface level,
  • uses a rechargeable LiPo battery - charged from any USB port or charger.

    The USB type C charging port conforms to latest EU regulations.

  • switches off automatically after 30 seconds if the measurement does not change,
  • is calibrated during production - easy and quick to calibrate by the user if required,
  • is visually appealing - the triangular shape is unusual and catches the eye,
  • is always available - small - pocket sized (70mm x 40mm x 17mm) - fun,
  • has a magnetic base to stick to any ferrous surface,
  • is fast and easy to use,
  • is accurate,
  • has flexible internal software which can be "tweaked" for the needs of specific markets,
  • has simple packaging - a tin - everyone loves tins,
  • has a single button membrane keypad which is easy to brand under any name,
  • is suitable for the high volume, worldwide, consumer market.
  • has a simple, "count the beeps", interface - press the button and listen:

       1 beep: turn on/off

       2 beeps: enable/disable sound

       3 beeps: set current angle as temporary zero (level)

       4 beeps: store temporary zero as permanent true zero (simple calibration)

       5 beeps: start 180 degree method of calibration

       6 beeps: change automatic off time temporarily from 30 seconds to 5 minutes

    Note: temporary changes remain until SmartAngle is next turned off/on.

Point of sale display

The flat-pack point of sale display holds ten SmartAngles in triangular or rectangular tins.

Customers can adjust the frame to see: "if it's green, it's level!"

Note: the SmartAngles shown in the photo are unbranded prototypes without the membrane keypad.