Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if you have a question about SmartAngle - we will answer it here.

What sort of deal are you looking for?

We are looking for a company to manufacture and distribute SmartAngle worldwide (under any name) - perhaps for one market to start with. New markets can be opened up as soon as it is in production.

We are open to discussing any type of business arrangement.

If it's such a great product, why don't you manufacture it yourselves?

Our experience is with high cost, low volume, niche market products. We don't have the manufacturing and distribution resources to reach the worldwide high volume consumer market that SmartAngle could reach.

It makes sense to work with a manufacturing company with existing national, regional or worldwide distribution.

How much does it cost to make?

Please contact us for a detailed BOM and breakdown of manufacturing cost.

Has it been tested?

Yes. Units have been assembled and tested using 3D printed enclosures.

Why did you invent SmartAngle?

We had a requirement for a simple, small, light and low cost level that could be attached to a shotgun barrel for use when setting up our DryFire clay shooting simulator. You can see details at the end of the options page.

Why is it called "SmartAngle"?

It could have any name - whatever a manufacturer chooses.

We use "SmartAngle" on this site because we own the "SmartAngle" trademark in the UK.

Why the triangular shape?

Why not?

It's more interesting (and fun) than the standard aluminium extrusion used in most bubble levels - or the rather boring "lump" shape of most inclinometers.

We think it's unusual and eye catching - so does everyone else who has used it!

However, it could be any shape!

Is it as good as the bubble in a spirit level?

Yes - and much easier to see than the tiny movement of a bubble.

How accurate is it?

SmartAngle can measure down to 0.1 degrees - a sheet of paper under one end is enough to change it from green to yellow.

Different markets may require different levels of sensitivity - this is easily adjusted in software at the point of production.

Is is good for long surfaces?

It may be short but it's very accurate.

You can put it on a straight edge if you want a longer base. The options page contains details of an aluminium extrusion that could be offered with SmartAngle.

What type of charging socket does it use?

USB C to confirm to EU regulations.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li Po) as used in smartphones, tablets or other rechargeable devices.

How long it lasts on a single charge will depend on usage.

To save battery power SmartAngle goes into "deep sleep" mode if the reading doesn't change for 30 seconds - press the button to wake it up.

Pressing the button when SmartAngle is awake will cause it to go directly to sleep.

While sleeping the battery will last several weeks before recharging is necessary.

The green LED will flash slowly for 30 seconds when the battery is low - then SmartAngle will go back to sleep and should be recharged as soon as possible..