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Welcome to Sheffield Rifle Club

We specialise in outdoor, long range, full bore, rifle target shooting. We don't do indoor .22LR shooting.

Our membership covers a wide geographical area - from Warrington in the North West to Nottingham in the South East.

Where do we shoot?

Our "home" range is Thorpe Range in Derbyshire but our members shoot on behalf of the club all over the country - including at Bisley, the home of English shooting. The layout at Bisley is shown here.

Thorpe has firing points at 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards.

What do we shoot?

All our shooting takes place from the prone (lying down) position and we shoot mainly Target Rifle and "F" Class rifle.

Target Rifle

Target Rifle uses .308 (7.62mm) calibre ammunition and the rifles have iron sights (not telescopic sights) and must weigh under 6.5kg (14.32lbs).

They are shot unsupported apart from a sling which helps to take the weight of the rifle.

Most Target Rifle shooters use "as issued" factory loaded ammunition.

Note: the small bipod is used to stop the rifle falling over when put down before and after shooting - it is not used to support the rifle while shooting.

Target Rifle
Target Rifle: .308 calibre.

System Gemini Target Rifle
System Gemini Rifle: .308 calibre made by Robert Nibbs of Tonbridge.

"F" Class Rifle

"F" Class rifles can be of almost any calibre (6.5 x 47 Lapua is a popular calibre), may have telescopic sights and may be shot from a rest.

They can also be extremely heavy, up to 10kg (22lb), and extremely accurate. Taking the wings off a gnat at 200 yards is no problem.

Almost all ammunition for "F" Class rifles is hand loaded.

"F" Class was originally invented for those whose eye sight is not as good as it used to be or whose backs are suffering from Target Rifle shooting. It has become an incredibly accurate sport with great emphasise placed on skilled and consistent reloading. Some people take great pleasure matching an ammunition load to a particular rifle - others prefer to shoot with ammunition "out of the box".

The photograph at the top of our web site shows a 30-06 Ackley calibre "F" Class rifle built by Specialist Rifle Services of Cheltenham,

SRS F Class Rifle
A member's rifle: left-handed 6.5x47 Lapua "F" Class made by SRS of Cheltenham.

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