SmartProbe is a Bluetooth temperature probe designed to enable fast food outlets conform to food safety standards.

The problem

All food outlets must ensure that food is kept at the correct temperature. To do this they check and record temperatures regularly.

This can become time consuming when all recording is done manually.

  • Temperature checks can be inconsistently performed.
  • Staff adherence to procedures can be poor - tasks may be skipped.
  • No clear record keeping to show that checks have been completed correctly.
  • Poor compliance puts customers, the brand and the business at risk.
  • Paper records can be lost.

The solution

SmartProbe hardware

  • Bluetooth temperature probe.
  • Links to iPod Touch (or other Apple iOS device).
  • Calibrated to +/- 0.1°C.
  • Safe and easy to use charging base with external power supply.
  • Hygenic, easy to clean, surfaces.


Key features

  • Robust and simple-to-use hardware solution.
  • iOS application guides staff through check procedure.
  • Prompts to tell staff when checks must be done.
  • Alerts for managers about missed or invalid checks.
  • Alerts when sampling indicates temperature control problems.
  • Data stored securely in the cloud.
  • Reports instantly accessible by nominated staff.
  • Customisable ingredient list.

Key benefits

  • Simple to use - no need for staff training.
  • Ensures adherence to procedures.
  • Proof that food safety regulatory requirements have been met.
  • Reports instantly available online.
  • Instant awareness of in-store conditions.
  • Maintains a quality business image.
  • Helps avoid spoilt food and ingredient shortages.

Services available

  • Supply of SmartProbe hardware and app.
  • Data storage "in the cloud" with data security, automatic backups etc.
  • Access security at different levels. E.g. corporate, franchisee, outlet.
  • Browser based report generator - at any time and from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Periodic calibration of SmartProbe hardware.
  • Customisation to meet your business needs.

Sample screen

More details

Please contact us for more details about how SmartProbe and its associated software can help ensure your outlet meets all food safety and regulatory requirements.