A "measure there, read here" Bluetooth level for your smart phone.

SmartAngle provides an extra hand when levelling.

The photo below shows SmartAngle used to set the angle of a bench saw blade. A stop was set at 45 degrees so SmartAngle could provide audible warning as the angle approached.

SmartAngle videos

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SmartAngle is a leap forward

SmartAngle provides "measure there, read here" - you measure the level in one place and see the result in another - on your phone or tablet.

You need three hands if you are trying to hold a panel or door while screwing brackets in place while looking at the level - a one man job can rapidly become a two man job.

SmartAngle provides a third hand

Keep your eyes on the job, concentrate on the driver and the screw, don't bother to look at the level - SmartAngle provides audible feedback (tones and voice) to tell you if you are level (or at the correct angle) without having to look at the screen.

Create your own stops - angles you wish to use. If you want 33 degrees just enter it into the stop list. SmartAngle will tell you when you are approaching the required angle, leaving it or spot on it - it does this with a series of tones and beeps.

Technical features

Download the SmartAngle app

Note: the app will be available when SmartAngle is released.

More about the SmartAngle app

The images below are screen grabs taken from the SmartAngle app running on an iPod.

The SmartAngle app runs under iOS (version 5 or later) and Android (version 4.3 or later).

Large characters make the display easy to see - no matter where you place your phone.

The "buttons" across the bottom (orange text on black background) provide immediate access to most SmartAngle functions.

The menu selector (three bars, top right) gives access to remaining settings.

The screen above shows the reading as a slope in millimetres per metre.

This shows the option selection screen.

The background can be selected from any of the colours here.

This screen allows configuration of voice messages and tone warnings.

The shows part of the calibration procedure. Only four steps are required and the process takes under a minute.

Horizontal menu:

Other options from the three-bar menu

SmartAngle options

SmartAngle aluminium profile

Converts SmartAngle into a highly accurate digital level for long surfaces or falls.

SmartAngle edge clamp

The edge clamp is designed to hold SmartAngle securely to edges such as the top of a door or the side of a ladder.

SmartAngle is held in place magnetically or with two screws through the lower two screw holes on the back of SmartAngle.

The simple screw clamp holds everything in place leaving both hands free for moving things while reading angles on your phone or tablet.

The three photos below show a prototype clamp fitted to a door edge, door top and cupboard door edge.

SmartAngle tripod mount

The tripod mount enables SmartAngle to be fixed to anything with a standard tripod thread (1/4" Whitworth).

The two lower screws on the back of SmartAngle hold it firmly in place on the mount.