• SmartAngle is a "measure there, read here" Bluetooth level and inclinometer designed for use with Apple and Android phones and tablets.
  • SmartAngle provides an extra hand when levelling because it may be placed anywhere and the readings at a convenient location on the phone or tablet
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  • DryFire is the world's leading training system for clay shooters at club, national, international and Olympic level.
  • DryFire provides intensive practice for shooters using their own shotguns in the comfort of their own homes and with a level of accuracy and feedback that is impossible outdoors.
  • Shooting 100, 200 or more targets every evening enables shooters to leap over those plateaus of achievement common in all sports.
  • DryFire has been in use world wide since 2003 and has recently been extended for use by rifle and pistol shooters.
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  • SmartProbe is a Bluetooth temperature probe designed to enable fast food outlets conform to food safety standards.
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