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Welcome to the Quite Useful Stuff (QUS) web site.

Our latest product: SmartAngle®

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SmartAngle is a Bluetooth level and inclinometer for use with Apple and Android phones & tablets. More ...

SmartAngle Level (150mm)

SmartAngle may be inserted into the level to provide a longer base for levelling. More ...

SmartAngle Clamp

This holds SmartAngle to edges up to 60mm thick (doors etc.) or to pipes up to 35mm diameter. More ...

Our background

You probably haven't heard of us but, under a variety of different names, we have been developing new products for over 30 years and between us we have over 100 years' experience in inventions, R&D, marketing, sales, support and running companies.

Our business model is to develop new products and then work alongside selected business partners to sell those products worldwide.

You can find more about us on the contact page.

This web site covers a few of our products that are in production or will come into production very soon.

Some of our recent products


Click here for more details about SmartAngle.

SmartAngle has not yet been released and we are seeking business partners. Please see the Sales page for more details.


Click here for more details about DryFire.

DryFire is the world's leading training system for clay shooters - and has recently been extended for use by rifle and pistol shooters.


Click here for more details about SmartProbe.

SmartProbe was developed for the fast food industry to assist in meeting regulatory requirements.


SmartMini was produced for the Arduino development market.