One country, one state, freedom and justice for all  

One country, one state, freedom and justice for all

Who are we?

We are people from a wide variety of backgrounds who recognise that the only possible solution to the problems in Israel and Palestine is a single state, Israel/Palestine (IP) or Palestine/Israel (PI), with freedom and justice for all - irrespective of background.

A single state would provide human rights for all, security for all and would function as a true democracy with one person, one vote.

We do not have an axe to grind for any party in the current conflict - we are all human beings with the same hopes and aspirations for ourselves, our families and our communities.

We recognise the concerns of everyone in the region and we also recognise that "the reality on the ground" means that a two state solution is physically impossible and would be a source of resentment on all sides for generations to come.


Our aims

  • A secular state guaranteeing freedom of religion and belief.
  • Equal human rights for all citizens.
  • One person, one vote.
  • No discrimination under any circumstances.
  • Equal educational opportunities for all young people.
  • No religious segregation in education.
  • No state involvement in religion or funding of religion.
  • No political parties based along religious or ethnic lines.
  • A vibrant economy benefitting from the talents of all citizens.
  • A nation independent of assistance from outside states.
  • A nation whose security is guaranteed by the rest of the world.

"I agree but ...."

That is the most common comment we get!

What does it mean?

  • "I agree but the _______ won't go for it." (Fill in the blank with any group you wish.)
  • "I agree but you are just being naive."
  • "I agree but it has been like that for 60 years and it is not going to change."
  • "I agree but who cares about Israel/Palestine any more?"
  • "I agree but the world has given up."
  • "I agree but everyone else has failed."
  • "I agree but religious extremists on both sides will wreck any new state."
  • "I agree but it's too much effort to bother to do anything about it."
  • "I agree but as long as they fight amongst themselves nothing will get done."
  • "I agree but have you seen the birth rate amongst the ________?" (Fill in the blank with any group you wish.)

No "buts" - something has to be done - or we will all suffer the consequences - morally or physically.

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