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LVT in the media

LVT has become a very hot topic and you can find the latest news this way:

  • Enter " 'land value tax' england" into Google or your search engine.
  • Select "News" when the results are displayed.
  • From "Tools" select "Sorted by date".

We have selected a few.

"... the overall patterns of landownership and remote governance have hardly changed and the climate emergency looks set to add forestry cash to the wind power millions handed to Scotland's large landowners. There is massive opposition to this. Over the next 20 years, a land value tax must be introduced, succession laws must give Scots children legal rights to inherit land (naturally breaking up "sporting" estates) and the system for obtaining planning permission must change so people can afford to build and buy homes locally instead of handing massive unearned bonuses to the owners of land."