Welcome to the Fairness and Justice Party

We live in an unfair and unjust world which the Fairness and Justice Party (FJP) is determined to change.


There is no choice

We don't live in a democracy.

Millions of us have never had our views represented in parliament - simply because there is no choice and because our first-past-the-post voting system automatically disenfranchises millions.

The Conservatives have been in power for 11 years since the 2010 election and they remain dedicated to ensuring that those who have it, keep it.

They have no interest in creating a fairer society or "levelling"up. They are bought and paid for by their financial backers - the same people who brought the world to its knees in the financial crash of 2007/8. Those with privilege and wealth know which horse to put their money on.

We have a government described by one of its own ministers as "a cesspit full of liars" led by a selfish, lazy, corrupt, greedy, ignorant, liar, whose buffoon-like charm seems to appeal to millions.

If you judge political parties by how far they achieve their aims, the Conservative Party is a roaring success while the Labour Party is an embarrassing failure.

To be fair, the Conservative Party knows what it is paid for, the Labour Party hasn't got a clue what it wants.

There are many good people in the Labour Party - hundreds of thousands joined under Jeremy Corbyn. There are good Labour MPs but they are outnumbered by time-servers with no interest in pursuing radical policies to create a fairer society - they talk-the-talk but fiddling round the edges is as far as they are willing to go.

The party has become a policy-free zone which dreams of a world run by Guardian readers - after all, it was pundits in the Guardian, vicious attacks by the mass media, a well-financed and well organised campaign by "friends of Israel", back-stabbing, failure to accept the Brexit vote and stupid last minute policy changes by the right wing of the Labour Party, that caused the loss of the 2019 election.

The disaster that has befallen the Labour Party in 2021 (all Jeremy Corbyn's fault according to professional back-stabbers and multi-millionaires Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson) shows that it is unfit for purpose, a policy-free zone, totally out of touch with what voters want and hasn't a clue what to do about it.

Note for Peter Mandelson

A few recent vote counts.

Batley and Spen:

     2005 17,974 (under Tony Blair)

     2017 29,844 (under Jeremy Corbyn)

     2019 22,594 (under Jeremy Corbyn)

     2021 13,296 (under Keir Starmer - 45% of the 2017 vote)

Chesham and Amersham:

     2005 6,610 (under Tony Blair)

     2017 11,374 (under Jeremy Corbyn)

     2019 7,166 (under Jeremy Corbyn)

     2021 622 - and a lost deposit (under Keir Starmer - 5.5% of the 2017 vote)


     2005 12,752 (under Tony Blair)

     2008 18,251 (under Gordon Brown)

     2010 16,267 (under Gordon Brown)

     2015 14,076 (under Ed Milliband)

     2017 21,969 (under Jeremy Corbyn)

     2019 15,464 (under Jeremy Corbyn)

     2021  8,589 (under Keir Starmer - 39% of the 2017 vote)

Anyone who wants to find out more about multi-millionaire Peter Mandelson is advised to start with his entry at Companies House, follow the links to the companies he is associated with, look at what they do, look who they work for, look at their shareholding and look at their cash-in-hand. Blair and Mandelson couldn't wait to get their snouts into the trough as soon as they left office

In four years the Labour Party has thrown away between 55% and 95% of its 2017 votes!

There is a lesson here - but the Labour Party has become a slow learner as it closes its eyes, swings to the right and fails to recognise that the world has moved on - it offers nothing and has no agenda for making our country a fairer place, it has become "Tory Lite" and needs to be scrapped.

The "we're-the-not-the-Labour-Party" party!

The Labour Party has become so embarrassed with itself that, in an emotion-driven campaign in Batley and Spen, it didn't even mention its name on election leaflets. The "policies" it outlines are more relevant to parish, district and county councillors than to a national parliament. The party has become a pathetic shadow of its former self.

If the Tory candidate (from up the road in the "wrong" part of Yorkshire - can it get more pathetic than this?) had put in a smidgeon of effort the majority of 323 (323!) would have vanished.

It's all about policies - stupid!

The weird thing is that study after study, survey after survey, shows that, once told what they are, the overwhelming majority of the British population is in favour of Labour Party policies - or at least the polices of 2017 before the right wing started changing them in the run-up to the 2019 election. Most of those policies have now been abandoned.

Clear policies, and a strategy to inform people of them, is the key to success. It is an open question as to whether or not this is possible given the UK media is run by foreigners, non-doms, tax avoiders and financial supporters of the Conservative Party. We have a policy to correct that!

It's all about people

The sad fact is there is no-one around who could lead a party to take on the Conservatives. Jeremy Corbyn is an honourable and principled man - a "good bloke" - but he has never been seen as a "leader". His character has been well and truly assassinated by the Polly Toynbees of this world and others who have a lot to lose if his policies, "for the many, not the few", were ever implemented.

Unfortunately there are other principled people in the Labour Party who have, in one way or another, sacrificed their principles in the face on vicious attacks by the "New Labour", Blairite, right wing of the party. Those same people on the right have crushed all dissent in the party (and lost upwards of 100,000 members so far)) and now they have suffered disaster in the elections of 2021. Will that change their minds? No. They have been left behind by history, they are still living in the 1990s, and they are incapable of change.

With no-one capable of fronting an alternative to the Conservatives we are effectively dead in the water - sad but true. However, we can dream.

We are for:

  • Creativity, inventiveness, initiative, enterprise.
  • The development of new businesses: private, mutual, cooperative and public
  • People keeping the rewards of their enterprise and hard work.
  • Scrapping tax on earnings.
  • Scrapping VAT.
  • Scrapping inheritance tax.
  • Scrapping stamp duty.
  • The best health service in Europe available free of charge to all UK citizens.
  • The best education system in Europe available free of charge to the children of all UK citizens.
  • Strong defence without pointless wars and "adventures".
  • A system of law and order that keeps us all safe and cuts down on criminal activity.
  • Homes people can afford to buy or rent without concreting over more and more of the countryside.
  • Growing as much of our own food as possible - without paying the rich to get richer.
  • Protecting the environment, the countryside and wildlife.
  • Sustainable sources of energy while recognising the true cost of "going electric".
  • Supporting those who are unable to support themselves because of disability etc.
  • Ensuring quality care for the elderly.
  • A political system that is free of bribery, corruption and bias.
  • A lively and exciting cultural life shared by us all.
  • A foreign policy that puts Britain first while trying to make the world a fairer and more just place for all.
  • A system of employment that offers people a fair return for their efforts with decent and safe working conditions.
  • Encouraging creativity, invention and enterprise - and allowing people to keep the rewards of their efforts.
  • A mixed economy which provides a fair balance between the private and public sectors.
  • Changing the North/South, East/West, balance to redistribute national wealth throughout our country.
  • A financial system that looks after our money and provides investment for homes, industry and business.


No, this isn't pie-in-the-sky or the Magic Money Tree - we can do it and we can pay for it.

We can create a fair and just society and find a fair and just way to pay for it.

Our current system is unfair and unjust - we simply need to open our eyes to a better way.

Our taxation policy is covered in greater depth in this article.

We are against:

  • Those who dodge their social responsibilities.
  • Those who engage in anti-social behaviour.
  • Those who evade and avoid paying their fair share of tax.
  • Wars that end up killing thousands, solving nothing and increasing terrorist threats.
  • Anyone telling us how to run our private lives - as long as we cause no harm.
  • Discrimination based on things we as individuals have no control over.
  • Foreign companies who avoid paying their fair share of UK taxes.
  • Foreigners who try to tell us how to run our country.
  • Financial institutions that gamble with other people's money and expect us to bail them out when it all goes wrong.
  • The imbalance between London and the rest of the country.
  • Greedy liars, crooks, hypocrites and cheats.


The Conservative Party is now openly corrupt and in the pocket of big business, retail, hedge funds, property developers, Russian oligarchs and newspaper/media owners. It hands out contracts to its friends while pocketting millions in donations from the rich. Its advisers openly flout the law and its ministers are so incompetent they would have difficulty organising a drinking session in a brewery - despite receiving significant donations from companies like Greene King, Marstons and Weatherspoons. (Donations "in a personal capacity" of course!)

The Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, responsible for taxation and spending, is in favour of tax havens, in favour of making the mainland UK an even bigger tax haven and in favour of keeping his own money in the Cayman Islands. He, like many Conservative Party supporters, so much love their country that they can't take their money out fast enough.

During the Covid pandemic the Conservatives Party discovered the Magic Money Tree (MMT) and it sprayed money (our money!) amongst its friends as if it was going out of fashion - it has become the party of financial irresponsibility and corruption, creating a legacy of debt to be paid for by our children and their children.

Fans of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), scoffed at by the Conservative party until now, say that such spending may not lead to long term debt - though it may lead to inflation and devaluation of the currency. So, our children and their children will end up paying more for things because sometime, somewhere, somehow, someone has to pay.

The Labour Party suffers endless wars between the "right" and the "left" while everyone claims "the middle ground". It has become far removed from its original aims. Who knows what the principles and policies of the Labour Party are today - it refuses to say, preferring to sit on the sidelines and moan. It seems to have adopted a policy of "support Israel" and you are in, "support the Palestinians" (or try to find the best solution for both) and you are out. The Labour Party is unfit for purpose and beyond reform

Unlike the Conservative Party which relies on large donations from rich individuals and companies, the Labour Party is funded by its members (over 600,000 under Jeremy Corbyn - but membership has dropped like a stone since then) and by the subscriptions of 6.3 million Trade Unionists.

Rights and responsibilities

We agree with the basic human rights defined in The Human Rights Act.

Beyond that we see rights and responsibilities as two sides of the same coin and we don't feel it is fair for people to expect rights while failing to fulfil their social responsibilities.

Each of us has rights as a citizen of the UK and each of us has social responsibilities as a citizen. Obviously each of us has other responsibilities: to family, friends etc.

Our primary social responsibility is to contribute positively to society in the best way we can. That contibution is usually by way of earning a living through work and by way of contributing to the social good via taxation.

It is also our social responsibility to obey the law while recognising that some laws are bad and that, in a democracy, laws can be modified, replaced or repealed through political activity. That's where the FJP comes in - to change the law and to make our country fairer and more just.

Anyone not wishing to fulfil their social responsibilities is free to give up their UK citizenship, leave and take up citizenship elsewhere.

A new party for a new world

The world has changed unbelievable in the last 20/30 years - it is no longer the world of the 1970s or even 1997! The digital revolution and the Internet have created a global world and the Covid pandemic has shown that the old ways of doing things are no longer the best. Who would have thought, a few years ago, that a day's work could be done from home or that families would be able to chat with one another, face to face, by Skype or Zoom even when some family members are on the far side of the world!

Towards the end of the Covid pandemic, "Zoom fatigue" set in and, despite many large companies wanting to continue saving money by having staff working from home, many people recognised that they work best in the company of others and when not disturbed by the day-to-day demands and stresses of household life. For many people, work can actually be a place of retreat, a safe haven from domestic stress. It's horses for courses: some people work best alone, most work best alongside others.

Property developers have responded to these changes with many new homes having a dedicated "home office" space for those who can work from home - no matter where their employer is located. The UK still builds the smallest and most densely packed homes in Europe.

Amongst all these changes, the Tories and Labour are looking a bit old fashioned and tired - both of them are no longer "fit for purpose". They seem happier shouting at one another than adapting to a world that has already moved on and left them behind.

Young people and young families don't see themselves as the "them v us" of the past and they live in a world of instant communications and social media - many of them see themselves as "citizens of the world" as well as citizens of the UK

We all work best, and are the most motivated, when we feel the world is fair and just. We feel least motivated, and most annoyed, when we see people "getting away with it", avoiding their social responsibilities or living the high life without making any personal contribution to society.

This isn't jealousy or "class envy" - it's fully justified annoyance!

We are often told:

"The world isn't a fair place, get used to it!"

This is the most depressing and demotivating thing anyone can say - and usually said by those who don't want anything to change because they are doing very nicely from the status quo - thank you very much!

The world can be a fairer place; it simply requires effort and enough people to bring it about.

The Fairness and Justice Party will make things fairer and more just - but it can only do so with your support.

So, please check out our principles and policies, read the FAQ for answers to questions you may have, and join us to make the world fairer for ourselves, for our children and for their children.