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Humanists UK videos

These short videos (under 3 minutes each) are narrated by Stephen Fry - and they are excellent!

They are best used by class teachers at the start of a lesson., Discussion and work can then be organised around them.

Other videos may be found on the Humanists UK YouTube channel.

For sixth form use

Sixth formers are young adults and they can handle most material aimed at adults - they are less easily shocked than their parents and teachers would like to believe.

There is an excellent YouTube channnel made by a young American atheist Jaclyn Glenn - she has over 482,000 active subscribers which is a sign of hope in the USA. The video she made with her father, himself an active Christian, is particularly interesting, as is the one she made after being interviewed on an American religious TV channel.

Note to teachers reading this page

We can provide speakers, free of charge, for year 6 and above. Please see our speakers page for more details.

Quick Guide to Atheist Humanism

Information card

We have produced a double-sided A5 handout (Word .DOC format) which provides a quick guide to Atheist Humanism.

The card covers: why we don't believe in gods (Occam's Razor), answers to "the big questions of life", freedom of belief, secular moral values, interpretation of holy books, how do we know if something is true or not and why everyone has the right to make a free and informed choice about what to believe.

Please right click the image on the right and select "Save target as" (IE) or "Save link as" (Chrome) to download the document.

We recommend printing it on a heavy weight paper or card so that it can be kept for handy reference.

Please feel free to modify it for your requirements.

Let us know what you think

We sometimes feel we are walking on egg-shells when covering Atheist Humanism in schools because many religious people are quick to take offence. Obviously no-one has the right not to be offended (we are offended by much that is done in the name of religion) but we do not set out to offend - what would be the point?

Young people have the right to find out about a wide variety of world views - including a view such as ours which rejects all the supernatural elements of religions.

We welcome comments and suggestions and we are keen to hear about what works and what doesn't. There is nothing better than a talk that goes well - and there are lessons to be learned when thing don't go so well.

Powerpoint presentations

We also have a number of Powerpoint presentations we have used from year 6 to year 13.

Please contact us for copies.

"Good without GOD": our booklet for schools

"Good without GOD" is an 8 page, full colour A5 booklet designed for use in schools. It is suitable for use in top Juniors and Secondary school.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Humanists
  • Occam's Razor
  • Words are important
  • Humanists and the big questions of life
  • Humanists and schools
  • Humanists and science
  • A secular society
  • Humanists: a summary
  • Never stop asking questions
  • A few atheists
  • Find out more

"Good without GOD" is particularly useful to those giving talks in schools. It covers all the key points and can be made available for those pupils who wish to take something away to read after the talk.

Space has been left on the back page for those groups not listed under "Find out more" to add a sticker with their contact details.

Please contact us for a free sample copy and for details on how to obtain classroom sets or bulk copies.


The British Humanist Association

The British Humanist Association (BHA) web site, "Humanism for schools", contains a lot of useful material.

The main BHA web site will give you an idea of what the BHA sets out to do.

The National Secular Society

The National Secular Society (NSS) web site provides information about the work being done to support freedom of belief, freedom of speech and freedom of expression in a secular society. It is worth remembering that there are religious secularists and well as atheist ones.

The NSS also provides the Newsline weekly newsletter which you can have delivered free of charge by email each Friday.

General background information

Please click here for more general background information on Education in 2014.


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