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We welcome supporters but we don't have "members" because we are not structured in the usual way (no committee, no chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary etc.)

We are a loose association of people with similar world views who work together, as and when required, to promote our aims.

We have no need of money because we don't spend much. Sometimes we may hire a room for a meeting, sometimes we may create a leaflet or booklet - in these cases one or more of our supporters usually covers the cost. We don't charge for speakers and we cover our own expenses.

  We maintain a mailing list to send out emails as and when an issue arises. Most of our supporters are members of the Humanists UK and the National Secular Society - both valuable sources of information.

We welcome you as a supporter if you agree with our aims and beliefs. Please contact us with some background about yourself and we will add you to the mailing list - let us know if you are willing to be a volunteer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about atheist humanism that are not answered by our FAQ. We will be happy to talk to you by email, phone or face-to-face.


We organise meetings "as and when".

Most of us have been atheists for a very long time and most of us know a great deal about the issues involved. Where we have held meetings in the past it has almost always been a case of preaching to the converted - and what do atheists talk about (as atheists) other than moan about what is done in the name of religion?

We are happy to organise meetings on specific topics on request and we can arrange one-to-one chats with anyone new to the world of the god-free. Contact us to arrange a chat.

Contact us if you have a suggestion for a topic for a meeting, and are happy to help organise it - between us we will get it done.

  Regular meetings are held by:


We can provide speakers for talks, discussions or debates (free of charge) and we are always happy to talk to anyone on any belief-related topic.

Are you new to the world of the god-free?

We are happy to exchange emails on belief-related topics and we can organise one-to-one meetings for those new to the joys of being god-free.

We recommend starting with a few of the pages on this web site:

  Fancy a book? Try these:

Fancy a DVD? Try these:


Our aims and beliefs

Theist and atheist

Occam's Razor

Walking on eggshells

Atheist/Humanist concerns

Religious beliefs and needs

Classic arguments about god

The psychology, sociology and psychopathology of religion

Historicity of Jesus

Religions and evolution

Challenge the Atheist

The Pink Hippo

Humanist speakers for schools

Advice for parents

Briefing paper on education

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We support DCIE

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