Education: we support DCIE

We support the Derby Campaign for Inclusive Education and the DCIE web site sums up our own views on education.

We ask two questions in relation to religious schools:
  • How do you promote social cohesion by segregating children according to their parents' religion?
  • How do young people make a free and informed choice about what to believe if they spend their entire education in schools which promote a single narrow word-view?

Putting it as simply as possible:

  • How does segregation promote harmony?
  • How does ignorance provide freedom of choice?
We support good Religious Education which provides young people with information about a wide variety of different beliefs,including non-belief, so they can make a free and informed choice about their own beliefs.

We oppose the forcing of any single world-view onto children.

We oppose "the god assumption" in the act of worship that all schools must provide each day.

"Worship" is not simply "reflection" or moral stories - it is defined by the Department for Education as "an act of reverence or veneration paid to a divine being or power."


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